What Are We, Chopped Liver?

By Nisar Siddiqui, Midwest FOA Vice President

When I moved to Michigan in 2001 from California (not quite sure why, so please do not ask), Jeff Schenck was our Division Vice President. During this time, Michigan’s market was flourishing—it was designated as one of the top areas to test new products before they went national. Michigan was in the limelight, sales were up, and the National Coalition officers were making frequent trips here to boost our morale.

Michigan is still making money for SEI. We are still profitable, due to the fact that labor and operating costs are much less than in other states. Do not forget we are known as the “Slurpee State”— the headquarters for high Slurpee sales.

The Midwest FOA has donated to local charities, including the Troy Police and Fire Departments, plus C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. The Midwest FOA over the past four years has dedicated its efforts to bridge the gap of communication between franchisees and corporate. In the past, local SEI management would attend our general meetings and trade shows. However, as of recent, they have not been able to attend. Additionally, the National Coalition officers have not participated in any of our events nor coordinated meetings in Michigan to include the franchisees in the Slurpee state.

I speak on behalf of the 7-Eleven franchisees of Michigan when I say we still need occasional boosts from the National Coalition and we need to be a priority for SEI to maintain our image with quality and store appearance. I feel the National Coalition should consider having trade shows or their quarterly meetings in Michigan.

We the franchisees of Michigan no longer want to be chopped liver. Rather, we want to be the main entree.