National Coalition Announces Results of 2019 Executive Board Elections

November 11, 2019, San Antonio, Tex. – Members of the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees (NCASEF) have voted to return the association’s chairman and two senior leaders to their positions in 2020-21. Elections were held last month during the board’s final meeting of 2019 at Caesar’s Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

Jay Singh, a Texas franchise owner, will return as chairman of the board, a role he has held since 2017 when he was named acting chairman and then elected for the 2018-2019 term. “The position of chairman is one I do not take lightly, as it comes with much responsibility,” said Singh.  “At the forefront of everything I do as chairman, and we do as a board, is ensuring our actions are geared towards maintaining the success of the 7-Eleven brand as well as safeguarding the welfare of each franchisee we represent.”

Jaspreet Dhillon, a California franchisee, was re-elected to the position of treasurer and Michael Jorgensen, a Florida franchise owner, was re-elected to the position of executive vice chairman for the 2020-2021 term.

“We thank the membership for their trust. Over the past two years, this team has worked hard to transform the National Coalition – to raise its profile – so that we can truly leverage the collective strength of our members for their benefit,” said Jorgensen. “This election means that work can continue, and we can further strengthen this organization for the next generation of franchisee leaders.”

One of the team’s top priorities is creating a communications committee.  For over a year, the board has tried to establish an open dialogue with corporate headquarters.

“Transparent communication and collaboration between franchisor and franchisees is critical to move this brand forward so all can benefit. We want to tap the brightest among our members and get them on this committee so we can speak with a strong and unified voice and help shape the future of 7-Eleven,” said Jorgensen. “We especially want the committee to include those whose thoughts and opinions differ from this leadership team. Inclusive debate in a constructive environment will help us all improve.”

NCASEF is an independent trade association founded in 1973 and comprised of 43 different franchisee owners associations (FOA) from across the country. The board is made up of presidents and vice presidents representing each FOA; an executive board governs the association, which represents more than 4,700 7-Eleven franchise owners in the United States. 

“We invite any franchisee who is interested in having a greater say in the future of the National Coalition and of this company to join their local Franchise Owners Association,” said Singh.