2018 NCASEF Convention Recap

Record attendance for 2018 NCASEF National Convention
and Trade Show

Surprise keynote address; time for family and friends in Orlando

With a capacity crowd of 1800 franchise owners and vendors, the National Coalition marked the 2018 convention in Orlando as the most successful in its history. The convention featured a keynote address by National Coalition Chairman Jay Singh, dozens of vendor exhibits, information sessions to answer questions about the 2019 franchise agreement, a check presentation to Swim Across America and numerous opportunities for networking with colleagues and friends. Two Seven-Eleven franchise owners from Japan also came to the convention to meet their U.S. counterparts.

The success of this year’s show can be attributed, in part, to the location, which offered franchise owners the opportunity to relax with family and friends. This year, the National Coalition hosted “A Day at Universal,” for all franchise owners and their families, and many franchisees extended their stay to enjoy other attractions, such as Disney World, Epcot and more.

“We’ve never had a better show,” said Rehan Hashmi, NCASEF Vice Chairman. “Our businesses are run by families, and the family-friendly location was one the reasons this show was so well-attended. We were pleased to give back to our members so that they were able to take time out from their hectic schedules.”

The biggest convention surprise, however, was an unannounced appearance and keynote address by former 7-Eleven President and CEO Jim Keyes, who led 7-Eleven out of bankruptcy in 1991 and helped to turn it into the world’s largest retail chain. He offered encouragement to franchisees in weathering the current crisis, and credited the franchisees for helping the company rebound back in 1991: “I learned so much from those franchisees in those few days we were together,” said Keyes. “I learned that it wasn’t personal. We had to find a way to make money at each individual store because the company was only going to be as successful as the success of each individual franchisee.”

“We needed to hear from Jim Keyes,” said Jay Singh, NCASEF Chairman. “His heartfelt speech was an important reminder that we have been through tough times before and we will work hard to get through this period.”