Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of the National Coalition?
    The National Coalition provides a strong, unified voice for all franchisees in the system. Our mission is to represent the interests of each and every franchisee by sharing concerns and opportunities, by providing franchisees with the information necessary to make informed decisions about their businesses, and by representing franchisee interests to our franchisor.
  2. How do I join the National Coalition?
    Individual franchisees must join a local Franchise Owners Association to be a member of the National Coalition. Local FOAs are the National Coalition’s members. Individual franchisees pay dues to the National Coalition through their local FOA.
  3. How do I benefit from joining this organization?
    The National Coalition, through its Board Meetings, Vendor Affiliate Program, Trade Show, and Avanti Magazine provides opportunities for franchise owners to network, learn, and share information about the 7-Eleven system, store operations, and issues and opportunities. Franchisees also have access to the National Coalition’s legal counsel.
  4. What is the structure of the National Coalition and how is the Coalition governed?
    The National Coalition is an organization of organizations. Each of our 40 Franchise Owners Associations are represented by a President and Vice President who are members of the National Coalition Board of Directors. Four times per year, all National Coalition Board members meet to discuss issues and look for answers on all topics related to being a 7-Eleven franchisee. Every other year, the Coalition Board elects three of six officers: Chairman, Executive Vice Chairman, three Vice Chairmen, and a Treasurer.
  5. How is the National Coalition funded?
    The National Coalition is funded through FOA member dues, proceeds from the national convention exhibitors and sponsors, advertisers in Avanti magazine, Affiliate member dues, and presentation sponsorships at NCASEF board meetings.
  6. What are the basic dues for National Coalition Membership?
    FOA dues for the National Coalition average $5 per month per FOA member. Each FOA has its own policy on multiple ownership and dues for multiple stores.
  7. Does the National Coalition represent franchisees who are not members?
    The National Coalition represents the interests of all franchisees in the system, regardless of membership in any FOA.
  8. Who runs the day-to-day business of the National Coalition?
    The National Coalition Chairman runs the national office with a small staff. The national office is located in Ceres, CA.
  9. Does the National Coalition have legal representation?
    NCASEF retains a house counsel, who provides legal advice to the organization, interprets the franchisee agreement, and is available to franchisees from around the country for consultation.
  10. How will my Field Consultant and Market Manager react to my joining a local FOA and the National Coalition?
    Management’s reaction to Coalition membership should be positive, because NCASEF helps franchisees air their problems, solve issues, and become better informed about their businesses. In any case, it should not matter because franchisees are independent businessmen who have the right to belong to their own trade association.
  11. Does the National Coalition have communications with 7-Eleven, Inc. corporate management?
    The National Coalition hosts 7-Eleven management at nearly every Board of Directors meeting to present new programs, answer Board questions, and clarify changes to the system. The National Coalition chairman and officers regularly meet with senior management to present the franchisee position on system-wide issues and solve problems identified in Board of Director’s meetings.
  12. What if there is no FOA in my area?
    Contact the National Coalition or see the membership page for information on the FOA closest to you. If there is no FOA in your area, we urge you to start one.
  13. Is the National Coalition involved in charitable causes?
    The National Coalition supports charitable organizations with donations through the Joe Saraceno Charity Golf Tournament, silent and live auctions at the national convention, and additional donations. Individual store owners and local FOA groups also support worthy causes through charity fundraising golf tournaments, and many other events.