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Let’s Make Every Store An NCASEF Member

BY JAY SINGH, CHAIRMAN, NCASEF The National Coalition began in 1973 when six store owners got together for a basement meeting in Seattle to talk about 7-Eleven and its problems and opportunities. The company at the time had 3,537 stores, 36 percent of which were franchised. Now, 45 years later, we virtually have written the […]

How Do We Move Forward?

BY MICHAEL JORGENSEN, EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN, NCASEF When our current President and CEO returned to 7-Eleven 14 years ago to take the helm of the organization, he began a campaign to break down the “silos” that existed within the company. The online Business Dictionary defines a silo mentality as: “A mind-set present in some companies […]

Freedom Of Association

ERIC H. KARP, ESQ., GENERAL COUNSEL TO NCASEF One would think that the right of franchisees to freely associate, and to be free from harassment, intimidation and discrimination by reason of membership in or leadership of a  franchisee association would be beyond doubt. But in the aftermath of the dismissal of the misclassification claim brought […]

Franchisee Expenses Are Out of Control

BY AJINDER HANDA, NCASEF VICE CHAIRMAN, PRESIDENT, GREATER SEATTLE FOA In any business, there are three ways to make money: by increasing sales or gross profit, by decreasing expenses, or by cutting corners. 7-Eleven franchisees are not able to increase sales and GP due to the lack of a sufficient and effective advertising program, or […]

It’s Time to Get Down to Business

BY NICK BHULLAR, NCASEF VICE CHAIRMAN As we all get ready to go into the new year, I find that there could not be a better time to take a close look at the year we have had and to get inspiration for what we could do better in the new upcoming year. Needless to […]

Town Hall Meetings And The Dilemma Over The 2019 Agreement

BY JAY SINGH, CHAIRMAN, NCASEF For 43 years, the National Coalition has intended to be the voice of 7-Eleven franchisees. We have sought to represent the interests of the average franchisee, to be a place for  networking, and a source of information for everyone. Now on the eve of signing the largest and most comprehensive […]

Franchise Fees Upon Transfer – A Common Sense Approach

BY MICHAEL JORGENSEN, EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN, NCASEF I recently watched a youTube video that someone had shared of the Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee On Corporations and Financial Services inquiry regarding the operation and effectiveness of the Franchising Code of Conduct. The Australian government is taking a hard look at the franchising model and the various […]

Would You Become A 7-Eleven Franchisee All Over Again?

By ERIC H. KARP, ESQ., gENErAL COUNSEL TO NCASEF This past summer my wife Steffi and I had the good fortune to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, and the even greater good fortune to take a wonderful two-week trip to mark that milestone. While I am not given to sharing my personal life in these […]

Promos Are Not the Answer to Declining Customer Counts

BY AJINDER HANDA, NCASEF VICE ChAIRMAN, PRESIDENT, GREATER SEATTLE FOA Not too long ago we used to generate more profit at our stores thanks to traffic drivers that helped us maintain our customer counts and margins. But lately, it seems like our whole store is on promotion. In the last three to four years, I […]

NCASEF 2018 Convention Photos

View all the photos taken at the NCASEF 43rd Anniversary Convention and Trade Show in Florida and download the ones you want to keep. Simply click on a thumbnail to view the larger image, then right-click on the larger image (or press the “Control” button and right click) and select “Save Image As” to copy […]