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Supporting Our Vendors As They Support Us

BY JAY SINGH, CHAIRMAN, NCASEF Having served on the National Coalition’s Executive Board for over a decade, I’ve had the chance to visit a lot of trade shows, charity golf outings and general meetings organized by local FOAs. All of these events, as well as our annual National Coalition convention and trade show, are made […]

Why Did You Become A 7-Eleven Franchisee In The First Place?

BY MICHAEL JORGENSEN, EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN, NCASEF There is an old saying regarding career advice that says, “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” With three of our four boys currently teenagers there is a lot of discussion in our home about what the future […]

You Are Not Alone— Chapter 2

ERIC H. KARP, ESQ., GENERAL COUNSEL TO NCASEF In the most recent edition of Avanti, I described a report of the Australian Joint Parliamentary Commission, which conducted an in-depth investigation of the franchise relationship between Australian franchisees and their franchisors and found systemic exploitation of some franchisees by a subset of franchisors and a regulatory […]

Improving Your Gross Profit

BY PAUL LOBANA, NCASEF VICE CHAIRMAN, PRESIDENT, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FOA With the minimum wage increasing in cities and states across the country, it is becoming very difficult for many of our stores to remain profitable. While the NBLC has been presented data on the factors affecting our bottom line, SEI hasn’t done much to help […]

Why We Need an Independent National Coalition, Part 2: The National Coalition is the Only Hope for Franchisees

By John R. Irvine Jr., Franchisee, Detroit, Michigan To read Part 1 of John Irvine’s three part series on an independent National Coalition, see the March/April issue of Avanti, page 51. Avanti is available at online at Part 3 will be appear in Avanti July/August issue. The National Coalition is the only hope 7-Eleven […]

Of Culture and Relationships

By Jack Rugen, Soundwave, Former President, United Franchise Owners of Long Island New York I had been a part of this franchise system for over 30 years until early this year. I sold my store and am happily retired. In the ‘80s after the Thompson brothers left, the system was simple, one-dimensional and felt more […]

Employee Safety Training Matters

John Harp, CSP, ARM Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group Employee turnover and inadequate training directly affects your bottom line and can be a struggle for the best of c-stores. Effective training leads to a more successful  employee who is safer and is more comfortable with customers, resulting in improved sales and lower costs. Ineffective training can […]

A Question Of Functionality

BY JAY SINGH, CHAIRMAN, NCASEF The National Coalition was established as an organization in 1973. Six franchisee owners held a basement meeting in Seattle, so the story goes, and two years later sixty franchisees incorporated as the Convenience Stores Franchise Association. The first convention was held in Las Vegas in 1977, and we have represented […]

Of Lab Stores And Beer Vaults

BY MICHAEL JORGENSEN, EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN, NCASEF Many of you have seen the photos or read the press releases and coverage on 7-Eleven’s new “lab store” in Oak Cliff, Texas. The idea behind the “lab store” is to test new and different ideas and to identify what resonates with our customers. This is not the […]

You Are Not Alone: Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee Issues Blockbuster Report On Fairness In Franchising

ERIC H. KARP, ESQ., GENERAL COUNSEL TO NCASEF On March 14, 2019 the Australian Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services issued a report entitled “Fairness in Franchising.” The 326 page report is an exhaustive study of the state of franchising in Australia, a $170 billion sector of its economy. You can read the entire […]