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My Two Years As A Chairman Of The NCASEF

BY JAY SINGH, CHAIRMAN, NCASEF, PRESIDENT, SAN ANTONIO FOA The National Coalition will elect a chairman for the 2020-21 term at the fourth meeting of the year for its Board of Directors, October 22-24 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. By the time you read this, the election will be over, and I may or may […]

Elected Not Selected: The Key To Franchisee/Franchisor Relations

BY MICHAEL JORGENSEN, EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN, NCASEF Just two years ago McDonald’s franchisees formed a new National Owner’s Association after not having one for the entire history of the franchise. The vision of the two-year-old group, according to their website, is to “collaborate with other elected operator leadership and McDonald’s to positively impact the System […]

Taking Responsibility: Seven-Eleven Japan

ERIC H. KARP, ESQ., GENERAL COUNSEL TO NCASEF On July 1 of this year, Seven-Eleven Japan (SEJ) released a new feature on its 7Pay app that allowed the customer to scan a barcode with their phone and pay for their purchase with a credit card or debit card linked to their 7Pay account. Within 24 […]

We Are Not Renters!

By Serge Haitayan, President, Sierra FOA I recently heard a pro-SEI person say franchising a store is like renting a house from a landlord: we shouldn’t expect to have any rights or expectations beyond what is in the current lease agreement. The person also said that when that lease expires, the landlord has the right […]

Can We Regain the Prominence We Once Enjoyed in the Coffee Marketplace?

By Jack W. Rugen, Editor, Soundwave Magazine, Former President, UFOLINY In the Fall 2007 issue of Soundwave, I wrote an article entitled, “It Ain’t Broke! So, Why Fix It?” At the time, SEI was in the process of changing their coffee program, and I maintained that altering the coffee program was not something corporate should […]

The Issues on our Minds

By Hari Patel, President, Metro NJ FOA, NCASEF Board Member These days it is becoming increasingly difficult to run a small business like a convenience store. Although we are part of the biggest c-store system around, 7-Eleven franchisees are not immune to the many forces at play that are greatly impacting our industry. Let’s cover […]

Q&A Workers’ Compensation Insurance

By John Harp, CSP, ARM, Risk Engineering Consultant WHAT IS WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INSURANCE? Workers’ compensation insurance is protection for people who get injured or become ill during the course of their employment. It can be the result of an accident—like hurting their back lifting a case of water—or being injured during an assault. Workers’ compensation […]

Hold the $1 Coffee: Franchisees Set Prices, Not SEI

By Tom Ayres, Witmer, Karp, Warner & Ryan, LLP With SEI promoting a $1 coffee program nationwide, franchisees are likely asking themselves: “Am I obligated to participate?” The short answer is “No!” The Franchise Agreement contains several provisions that clearly state that franchisees set prices—not SEI. Franchisees can decide for themselves whether it makes economic […]

Integrating Acquisition Stores with Branded Gasoline Into SEI’s System

BY JAY SINGH, CHAIRMAN, NCASEF Of the three different types of 7-Eleven stores—traditional, acquisition, and Business Conversion Program (BCP)—acquisition stores that come with brand name gasoline like Exxon or Chevron seem the most troublesome to operate. The reason being that these stores are not fully integrated into 7-Eleven’s electronic system and the franchisee often ends […]

Change is Good, But Franchisees Need to Know What Lies Ahead with 7NOW

BY MICHAEL JORGENSEN, EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN, NCASEF Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher, sometimes referred to as Confucius, is claimed to have said, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” As we are all keenly aware, retail stores are fighting now more than ever for each and every […]