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Sitting on Breaches is a Serious Mistake

Employee Retention: A Different Perspective

Any Time, Any Place

A Difficult Year

Is It Time to Throw in the Towel?

My Two Years As A Chairman Of The NCASEF

BY JAY SINGH, CHAIRMAN, NCASEF, PRESIDENT, SAN ANTONIO FOA The National Coalition will elect a chairman for the 2020-21 term at the fourth meeting of the year for its Board of Directors, October 22-24 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. By the time you read this, the election will be over, and I may or may […]

Elected Not Selected: The Key To Franchisee/Franchisor Relations

BY MICHAEL JORGENSEN, EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN, NCASEF Just two years ago McDonald’s franchisees formed a new National Owner’s Association after not having one for the entire history of the franchise. The vision of the two-year-old group, according to their website, is to “collaborate with other elected operator leadership and McDonald’s to positively impact the System […]

Taking Responsibility: Seven-Eleven Japan

ERIC H. KARP, ESQ., GENERAL COUNSEL TO NCASEF On July 1 of this year, Seven-Eleven Japan (SEJ) released a new feature on its 7Pay app that allowed the customer to scan a barcode with their phone and pay for their purchase with a credit card or debit card linked to their 7Pay account. Within 24 […]

We Are Not Renters!

By Serge Haitayan, President, Sierra FOA I recently heard a pro-SEI person say franchising a store is like renting a house from a landlord: we shouldn’t expect to have any rights or expectations beyond what is in the current lease agreement. The person also said that when that lease expires, the landlord has the right […]

Can We Regain the Prominence We Once Enjoyed in the Coffee Marketplace?

By Jack W. Rugen, Editor, Soundwave Magazine, Former President, UFOLINY In the Fall 2007 issue of Soundwave, I wrote an article entitled, “It Ain’t Broke! So, Why Fix It?” At the time, SEI was in the process of changing their coffee program, and I maintained that altering the coffee program was not something corporate should […]