The Vital Role Of Our NCASEF Committees

By Sukhi Sandhu, NCASEF Chairman

In the ever-evolving landscape and challenges of running a 7-Eleven store, the role of our NCASEF committees is crucial. They are the engines driving positive change and addressing store-wide issues, forming a vital link between our franchisees and SEI.

When I was first elected NCASEF Chairman, my primary goals were to change the culture of the organization into one of partnership and dialogue, and to create a platform where we as a group could work with our franchisor and vendor partners to improve the system to everyone’s benefit. I realized this could not be achieved by the officers of this organization alone. But I also realized the passion and knowledge within our Board of Directors are immense, and I knew this talent could be utilized.

As such, our committees are composed of franchisee leaders who bring a wealth of experience and insights from their stores. Committee members are selected for their expertise, dedication, and passion for improving the 7-Eleven system. Their chief responsibility is to identify, discuss, and propose solutions for a variety of challenges faced by our stores. Each committee is headed by a chairperson and is championed by one of our NCASEF officers, ensuring a robust support system for addressing issues efficiently.

The committees focus on diverse areas such as store operations, finance, technology, logistics, and government affairs. Many of our committees are dedicated to a specific aspect of store management—like Accounting/Finance, Digital/IT/7Now, and Facility Maintenance—while others focus on internal NCASEF matters like bylaws and membership, convention, and charity golf, thereby ensuring targeted solutions.

Working closely with SEI’s upper management, department heads and subject matter experts, our committees serve as vital communication bridges. They bring to light the issues faced at the store level and work with SEI to devise effective solutions. This collaboration is critical. It ensures that the voices of our franchisees are heard and considered in the decision-making processes that affect their businesses. Our committees’ authentic, on-the-ground insights are invaluable to SEI in understanding the practicalities and nuances of running a franchised 7-Eleven store.

Our committees operate on a dynamic and responsive model. Issues raised by members at local FOA meetings are escalated to the NCASEF Board, where they are then assigned to the relevant committee. The committee chairs play a crucial role in addressing these issues, working closely with SEI and other stakeholders to find solutions. These solutions are then communicated back down the chain, from the FOA presidents and vice presidents to the individual franchisees.

The effectiveness of our committees is evident in the progress updates they provide during every NCASEF Board of Directors meeting. These updates are comprehensive reports reflecting the ongoing dialogues and engagements with SEI. Each Board meeting, in turn, is an opportunity to review the progress on existing issues and to introduce new challenges identified by our franchisees. This constant flow of information keeps the NCASEF Board informed and involved in the problem-solving process. Additionally, our committees educate us on best practices—knowledge that our Board members can then take back to their respective FOAs.

It’s important to emphasize the constructive nature of our relationship with SEI. These meetings are not just about presenting problems, but are a platform for collective problem-solving and mutual growth. Over the last two years, we have seen significant positive changes coming from these dialogues, reflecting the effectiveness of our joint approach.

The work of our committees is a testament to the value of teamwork and communication. By working hand-in-hand with SEI, we are not just solving problems; we are strengthening the relationship between our franchisees and corporate. This collaborative spirit is at the heart of what we do at NCASEF. It’s about ensuring that our franchisees have the support, resources, and voice they need to thrive.

Our NCASEF committees are also a testament to our commitment to leveraging the shared talent and passion of our members. Their dedication and volunteerism are invaluable, making a significant impact on the effectiveness and success of our organization. As Chairman, I am immensely grateful for the hard work and contributions of these committee members, who continuously strive to affect positive change within the 7-Eleven system.

As we move forward, the role of our committees will continue to be central to our efforts in advocating for and supporting our franchisees. The challenges in the 7-Eleven system are ever-evolving, and so are the strategies and solutions needed to address them. With our committees at the forefront of these efforts, I am confident that we will continue to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities for the benefit of all 7-Eleven stakeholders.