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NCASEF Board Members Reelected; Officers Forming New Communications Committee

Elections were held last week in Atlantic City at the final NCASEF Board of Directors meeting of 2019 to select officers to serve during the 2020-2021 term. Jay Singh will return as Board Chairman, a role he has held since 2017 when he took over as Acting Chairman. He was then elected Board Chairman for […]

NCASEF Board Members’ Trip to Tokyo; Franchisees Around the World Facing Similar Issues

Shrinking gross profits.  24/7 operational mandates. Store encroachment.  Questionable management tactics.  Poor communication with franchisees.  Likely these issues sound familiar to you – and they should.  7-Eleven franchisees here in the United States face them on a daily basis, but so do our counterparts across the globe, which is why members of the NCASEF executive […]

Record Number of 7-Eleven Stores for Sale; Franchisees Blame Poor Corporate Leadership

Today, NCASEF informed the news media about the record number of stores currently for sale in the 7-Eleven system—a sign that people are not investing in this company and a blemish on the corporation’s leadership team. About one year ago, National Coalition members took a vote of No Confidence in corporate management at 7-Eleven, Inc. […]

Franchisee Convention Energizes Membership to “Maintain a United and Strong Front”

The 44th Annual NCASEF Convention and Trade Show was the largest yet – but what may have set the tone for the convention was the first event of the show.  “Our opening reception was an outdoor event,” said NCASEF Vice Chairman Rehan Hashmi.  “I looked around and saw families.  Franchisees had brought their kids to […]

Why the National Coalition’s 44th Annual Convention and Trade Show Matters to You

The 44th annual NCASEF Convention and Trade Show is only days away. This year we have more franchisees and more vendors registered to attend than ever before. Our host site, The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center offers comfortable and state-of-the art facilities in the heart of Long Beach, California. We welcome those of you […]

FDA proposal would worsen teen e-cigarette use

NACS CEO Henry Armour argues the agency should actively enforce laws against sales to minors. From NACS News July 08, 2019, ALEXANDRIA, Va.—In an op-ed published by CNBC today, Henry Armour, NACS president and CEO, addresses the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed policy changes to deal with the public health risks associated with the […]

What killed Alabama’s Fair Franchising bill?

Many of you are probably aware of the news that the Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives pulled the plug on a new fair franchising bill. Last month, a bill modeled after the California bill that passed in 2015 moved through the Alabama State Senate. The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA), of which we […]

Our message to Congress: More oversight is needed to protect franchise owners

Recently, a group of National Coalition executive board members and FOA leaders went to Washington to press lawmakers for stronger federal oversight of franchising to ensure independent operators of franchised businesses like convenience stores and quick service restaurants are not subjected to contractual terms that are inherently unfair, unconscionable or potentially predatory. We are all […]

Here’s how to make the NBLC better than ever

In our last article, we examined the concerns franchisees have about the National Business Leadership Council, known to us all by the acronym NBLC. The council was created, according to 7-Eleven, to provide franchisees with a voice to protect their interests and offer opinions to help shape brand decisions. But, as we explained, the NBLC’s […]

How the NBLC can bring real change

If you search “New Business Leadership Council” in Google, you will find a three minute video produced by 7-Eleven Inc. (SEI) and titled, “7-Eleven New Business Leadership Council represents the voice of franchisees.” It features franchisees from the NBLC talking about how they provide franchisees with a voice to protect their interests and offer opinions […]